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Venture Wizards Startup Beratung und Coaching Community und Membership
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Our counseling is not a one-time program. It  is a membership. With the consultation you become a member of our exclusive VentureWizard community of entrepreneurs, investors, companies and  Mentors who help each other advance.  No time wasting events,  Cold calling or endless clicking around more. We match you with exactly the right people from the VentureWizard community.

team building

Regardless of whether you are looking for employees (e.g. programmers), strategic partners or investors, we will introduce you to candidates for whom we have ours  put your hand in the fire


Learn from doers who have already successfully mastered exactly your challenges and have built or run highly profitable companies.

talent pool

Within our network, there are constantly new opportunities for cooperation and business opportunities with which we match you.


Our expert community consists of outstanding personalities who have proven with their career and projects that they are absolute  are experts in their field. You can contact us at the  Advice on the realization of your idea and the development of your start-up.

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