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Venture Wizards Startup Beratung und Coaching Willi Ibbeken hält eine Präsentation über Inspora
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90% of all ideas fail because many founders are not prepared. she  believe they have a good idea and  invest a lot of time and money to then develop something that nobody wants in the end. We protect you from it! With our consulting plan, in phase 1 you will learn how to find out what customers really want and how to develop products that bring paying customers from day one without wasting a lot of time and money. In phase 2 you will learn how to build and manage a startup, including foundation, financing, team and marketing, without taking a great deal of risk.  So that you also gain practical experience, we will look for a suitable idea with you or suggest a sample idea that you can use to go through the consultation.


The consultation consists of 2 phases. In both phases you go through individual ones  Steps (e.g. develop prototypes and test prototypes).  In every step you build up important know-how and master tasks that advance your idea and your imaginary startup. Each step has this flow:

1 workshop

We will teach you all the important basics and methods so that you can successfully complete the tasks in the corresponding step  and improve your skills.

2. Implementation

With the knowledge from the workshop, you will implement the tasks independently and advance your example idea. If you ever get stuck, we are always at your side.

3. Feedback

You show us how you solved the tasks.  We give you feedback and bring in our suggestions and ideas, so that you always have a convincing result in the end.



To get to know


Before we start our journey together, we want to get to know you in a free and non-binding preliminary talk.

concretize ideas

We will teach you how to put an idea to the test, define the target group, analyze the market and find out possible competitors.

develop prototypes


No long advance planning. Implementation is required! We'll show you how to turn any idea into a simple prototype as quickly as possible to see how real customers react to it and see if it's worth pursuing.


testing prototypes

Numbers don't lie. You will learn how to let prototypes loose on customers and how to measure how they are received by them.


evaluate results

We'll show you how to measure  Evaluate data and prepare it clearly.

After the consultation you become a member in  our exclusive community. 



market maturity Products

to develop

In phase 1 you learned how to develop ideas into prototypes that are well received by customers. Now we'll show you how to make marketable  products developed.

set up society

We will show you how to navigate the bureaucratic jungle safely and set up the ideal legal framework for entrepreneurial activity.

secure financing

We teach you how to put a business idea on solid ground. You will learn how to draw up a financial plan, determine the financing requirements and find suitable financing options.

build team

market products

The people you work with make all the difference between success and failure.

More growth, more customers, more success - and without expensive traditional marketing. We will show you how to acquire customers cheaply or even completely free of charge.






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